Smuggle, trade, and pirate your way across a dangerous sea. Gotta make coin somehow to survive in this world.

Captain Contraband is a high seas action rogue-lite. You play as a colorful ship captain trying to make it in a world of swashbuckling pirates, dastardly smugglers, and shrewd tradesmen.

Every playthrough is a unique experience, challenging your creativity to figure out a way to make it out of the mess you've gotten yourself into this time.

Sail The Seas

Take up piracy, smuggling, or good old fashioned freight. You're going to need a lot of coin where you're going, and you aren't the only pirate in these seas.

Whose tale will you tell?

Pirates, Smugglers, and Traders await. How will you sail into the heart of the Bone Seas and manage to stay afloat?


Sail Seas Your Way

With three playable Captains, you can use whatever combination of play-styles you want to get to the end. Will you be a ruthless pirate? A dastardly smuggler? or a peaceful trader?

A Smuggler's Paradise

Risk your skin smuggling valuable goods across the sea for great rewards.

Light The Fuse, Blast The Hull

Our real-time naval cannon combat means you have to use timing and angles most of all to maximize your damage, and survive relentless cannon volleys yourself.

Adventure Awaits
Just Beyond the Horizon

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